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Providing High Quality Pay Per Click Media Advertising for Online Businesses since 2017

We're in an era of great fragmentation in online advertising. From solo ads that no longer work to extraordinarily expensive solutions provided by the largest firms online, NetClicks has identified an important opportunity to serve the business community at large. As we watch the Internet change faster than the businesses fueling it, we believe this is a crucial time to build value in Internet Traffic. 

Advertising and marketing make businesses grow. While the marketing solutions of today make it easier than ever to reach customers, achieving real, quantifiable results from your online advertising efforts has never been more difficult and expensive.

After extensive research, only the best quality media manifest through our simplified pay per click pricing model. NetClicks brings, directly to your websites, brand and your product offerings, real people looking for your products and services.

Generated from private online networks, Search Engine Optimization and specially targeted banner ads, we have gone the extra mile in providing the absolute best, spam-free, real-time media available anywhere. Real people waiting for your business is what NetClicks offers.

Our expertise is both wide and deep - evidenced by our simple, yet effective, solution for targeted marketing - designed to give your websites immediate exposure.

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Current Niches We Service


There is an unprecedented amount of people from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand looking for ways to create income through the setup and marketing of third party programs and businesses with independent compensation structures. With the right sales funnel, we have seen tens of millions of dollars in revenues generated from this single niche.


The Cost Per Acquisition & Affiliate Marketing niche is highly misunderstood by many. However, our real-time media has been quietly creating fortunes for several in this space who have learned their metrics through recurring (weekly and monthly) purchases of our traffic.


Health and Fitness will never go away. As people age, they want to look and feel better. Fitness clubs and gyms take in an average $34 Billion annually.  The health supplements segment is about 4 times larger. Our media performs well with the right websites and offers.


From car insurance to credit cards to home loans, every large and small institution all are looking for qualified leads. Sales increases only come with large masses of individuals receiving your message of what financial services you provide. NetClicks delivers those masses of people.


The survival niche is comprised of millions of English-speaking individuals who have the mindset of disaster preparedness and preparation. This passionate audience happily purchase billions of dollars in services and products ranging from stored food to flashlights to clothing and tools. Monetization of our traffic has paid very large commissions to our clients.


The newest addition to our portfolio has proven to be a very profitable one for our clients. Amazon is quickly becoming the number one opportunity for creating small business income just as eBay once was the de facto standard. NetClicks clients are experiencing high click-through rates as well as very positive conversions inside of their sales funnels.


Never stop testing. And your advertising will never stop improving.
— Dan Ogilvy


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